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When it comes to working with quotes, sales orders, or opportunities, smart organizations know that the key to growth lies in well-designed sales processes. For companies just getting started or those already on a NetSuite sales process automation journey, the business can benefit by integrating NetSuite with Excel. By managing your sales order process in Excel, you can have a more productive sales team, a shorter order-to-cash cycle, and a better customer experience. Not only does the NetSuite sales order process become more efficient, but companies have also experienced sizable sales growth as a result of leveraging Excel for sales order automation

Creating Quotes, Opportunities, and Sales Orders

Manual quotes, opportunities, and sales order processing can slow down your sales team and have a negative impact on sales growth. Make sales orders easy for your team by removing the manual creation and updating of sales orders in NetSuite and give your sales team more time to sell. When you streamline your NetSuite sales order process with NetSuite to Excel integration, your team can create or update multiple sales orders directly in the Excel interface. Sales process automation reduces administrative tasks, shortens your sales cycle, and allows sales to move on to the next deal.

Updating Quotes, Opportunities, and Sales Orders

Updating numerous sales order items line by line in NetSuite can be tedious, especially when there is specific logic added, such as quantity-based discounts. NetSuite to Excel integration allows you to create, edit, and update multiple sales orders 10x faster, directly in Excel. Working with NetSuite data in Excel allows you to use pre-built calculated fields, reducing sales order processing time and shortening the order-to-cash cycle. You will also save time when working in Excel by removing the CSV upload time and import error troubleshooting. The faster the sales order is processed and approved, the faster you can invoice.

Approving Quotes, Opportunities, and Sales Orders

Companies often have complicated rules for approval that are best managed outside of NetSuite. Seeing sales orders in Excel enables sales operations teams to quickly validate that the order meets the criteria for approval. Approving records in NetSuite has historically been a manual process. Clicking into each individual sales order to check, approve and then send it out can take hours, especially if there is a significant number, and even require a full-time staff member for the approval process. With NetSuite to Excel integration, you can review, update and approve multiple NetSuite sales quotes, opportunities or orders 5x faster and can increase the amount of sales orders approved in a day.

How Sales Order Processes Impact the Customer Journey

It is imperative for companies to be hyper-focused on the customer buying journey. Depending on your offering, there could be multiple areas of friction in your sales order process. Duplicate NetSuite sales orders, incorrect line items or prices, slow approval, and fulfillment times are all issues that can make for a bad customer experience. With NetSuite to Excel integration, the chance for human error is greatly reduced with prebuilt import templates, speeding up the time from sales order entry to approval. Deliver to your customer faster with fewer sales order errors and increased customer satisfaction.

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