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CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite 

Manage and Analyze NetSuite Data, in Real-time from Excel

The Leading Integration App for Visualizing and Reporting on NetSuite Data in Excel

Whether you need to upload small or large amounts of data, analyze multiple saved searches simultaneously in Excel, join Excel and Power BI, or generate reports faster, CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite provides business users with a comprehensive solution to accomplish these goals. Create new records and update existing NetSuite data directly from within Excel and upload thousands of records at once with “Burst Mode Upload.” Real-time picklist resolution instantly validates your data in Excel prior to uploading.

Reports and dashboards can be created from Excel in a streamlined and easy-to-use format. By combining NetSuite saved searches with the power and flexibility of Excel, CloudExtend apps provide near real-time visibility into valuable reporting insights for better business decision-making.

Easy to Use

Leverage existing Excel knowledge to increase productivity when working with NetSuite data.

Quick Installation

CloudExtend allows you to get up and running quickly and seamlessly, providing almost immediate ROI with minimal  IT assistance required.

What CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Does for You

  • Bypass the NetSuite UI for faster data entry, updates, reporting, and analysis
  • Incorporate Excel formulas or complex models, whether it is one record or multiple records
  • End the vicious cycle of waiting for CSV uploads to run, hoping for the best 
  • Eliminate CSV exports and run one or more saved searches in Excel simultaneously with a single click or on a schedule
  • Make the best business decisions at the right time
  • Analyze your data in Excel or Power BI

60-90 hours saved per week

50% Increase in efficiency

Thousands of World Class Organizations Rely on CloudExtend

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CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Pricing

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Data Management

Create, edit and delete NetSuite records directly in Excel

Excel Analytics

Analyze NetSuite saved search data in Excel or PowerBI

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Data Management & Analytics Bundle

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite
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CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Features

Data Management


Analytics & Data Management

Create, Read, Update, Delete NetSuite Records from Excel

Burst Mode Upload

*Enterprise Edition Only

Cloud Storage for Templates

Combine multiple Netsuite searches and import directly to Excel (no more CVS export)

Use one-click refresh to update your spreadsheet with the most recent NetSuite data

Drill-down to individual transactions

Schedule custom reports and individually schedule reports to run at different times

*Enterprise Edition Only

Build specialized reports in less time by leveraging Excel formulas, XLOOKUP, pivot tables, advanced filtering, and more

Integrate with Power BI

Works with Mac, Windows, and Online

Native Support for 2-factor authentication and Single Sign On

Works with Sandbox Accounts and OneWorld Subsidiaries

*Enterprise Edition Only

Complimentary Email, Chat & Phone Support Options

Learn more about CloudExtend’s commitment to security and the benefits of using role-based access control (RBAC) with third-party apps.

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