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CloudExtend Apps Make Excel and NetSuite Go Together Like PB&J

It’s hard to imagine a world before PB&J, but the popular recipe was first published in 1901 in the Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics, written by Julia Davis Chandler. Even though the recipe was published at the beginning of the 20th century, it would be decades before it made its way from obscurity.

“The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”

One important invention needed to happen: sliced bread. As a result of the invention of sliced bread in 1928, people ate more slices of bread more frequently and increased consumption of spreads like peanut butter and jelly.

Think of top-rated CloudExtend Excel Integration Apps as the sliced bread in the PB&J sandwich, they combine your NetSuite data with the familiarity of Excel in a time-saving, seamless fashion to easily view, edit, create and report in near real-time. In addition, you can save multiple NetSuite searches and turn them into an easily refreshable dashboard for near real-time reporting.

“I can’t even imagine editing and managing our NetSuite data without using a CloudExtend Excel App. In addition to the CloudExtend Excel products, the CloudExtend team has exceeded my expectations about customer service. If I have questions, I get a response from a friendly knowledgeable customer service rep in less than 30 minutes, and it matters a great deal to me,” said Ray Burns, Director of Business Solutions, Fastening Solutions, Inc.

Bakeries were slow to think that pre-sliced bread would be a big hit, but by 1933, around 80% of the bread sold in the US was pre-sliced. The slogan “the best thing since sliced-bread” is thought to have originated in the 1930s when pre-sliced bread was first commercialized.

Over 1400 NetSuite customers have discovered the seamless CloudExtend Experience. Ray Burns and other customers like him, describe CloudExtend as a “complete game changer.”

Feeney managed to slash customer quote time by over 60% using CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite. “We have highly-customizable product verticals and before CloudExtend, our quote process was manual and time-consuming. As quote demand increased, CloudExtend increased our capacity and more than doubled the number of quotes that we could get out which equates to massive time savings for us,” according to Brad Adsit, Director of Product Development, Feeney, Inc.

The Proof is Undeniable: Ease-of-use, Familiarity and Cost Savings Win the Day!

Unfortunately, on January 18, 1943, sliced bread was barred and new baking regulations set by the Office of Price Administration because of increased flour prices; the government wanted to prevent these costs from being passed down to the consumer.

As a result, there was an instant backlash. The decision was extremely unpopular. On January 26, Sue Forrester of Fairfield, Connecticut wrote a letter to the editor of The New York Times complaining on behalf of the country’s housewives. “I should like to let you know how important sliced bread is to the morale and saneness of a household,” Forrester complained that she had to hand-cut more than 30 slices of bread every day for her family.

CloudExtend Designs Excel Apps to Solve End-User Problems

CloudExtend builds applications for end-users of NetSuite that allow them to work exponentially faster. Our products install in only a few minutes and require little to no training—allowing organizations to see an immediate return on investment. If you want to build powerful dashboards based on saved searches, update existing NetSuite data, or create new records directly from within Excel. CloudExtend Apps allow you to say goodbye to errors with CSV uploads and/or have your entire customer communication journey, right at your fingertips. CloudExtend installs from the MIcrosoft Office store in seconds. Access is secure and controlled by NetSuite permissions.

“If you look at peanut butter and jelly…this combination of fat, fruit and something to spread it on is an archetype. It’s a law. The reason I call it the law of peanut butter and jelly is because peanut butter and jelly is really the first complex dish that we learn to make as children in America, “ according to chef Justin Warner, author of The Laws of Cooking.

What Are Some Use Cases?

CloudExtend Excel benefits every department by allowing far faster data entry and mass updates from Excel. It applies Excels’ powerful native functionality to manipulate Netsuite data and provide real-time lookup and error resolution during data entry.

Marketing and Sales can update record items, create and adjust estimates/quotes, multi-line sales orders, opportunities quotes and invoices are a breeze, seamless data enrichment, quote with less errors, painless conference lead upload, and promo code updating.

Operations can easily navigate bin clean-ups, create and update items, work orders, promo code updating, update pricing, and inventory transfers.

Finance teams update and create journal entries with hundreds of lines with ease, add monthly invoices with an easy-to-use journal template, inventory transfers are simple even for hundreds of lines of data, and credit card and bank reconciliation has never been easier. They benefit from no errors from CSV uploads.

Admin/Consulting can benefit from initial dating loading (errors can be addressed one at a time during upload instead of receiving CSV errors and having to re-import data), scrubbing your data has never been easier and mass deletes are painless.

Immediate Return on Investment

If you’re curious about how much return on investment CloudExtend Excel Integration Apps for NetSuite can save you, we offer a Return on Investment Calculator. On Average, customers have labor savings of 69%.

CloudExtend offers free trials and discovery calls to learn more about how to start saving time and resources for your company. Once you try CloudExtend products, you will compare them to sliced bread, because you won’t be able to imagine editing, updating or uploading your NetSuite data without them.