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Ex·cel·lence (3 syllables), pronounced /ˈeks(ə)lənce/, one of the syllables has one of my favorite Microsoft 365 products in it (Microsoft Excel), and is a core focus of CloudExtend products: ExtendInsights for NetSuite and for Salesforce. CloudExtend email and Excel integration apps help users save time and money and increase the accuracy of their NetSuite and Salesforce data.

Define Excellence

What is excellence? It’s defined in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as the quality of being excellent, or extremely good. When thinking about product, brand or customer experience excellence, each team member (at all levels) becomes a puzzle piece that has an equal role in assembling excellence.

CloudExtend customers depend on our team to manage and automate their critical data to save resources and time. With this trust, each employee in our customer journey must be committed to excellence.

CloudExtend All Star Team
CloudExtend Customer Journey Example excellence.

We have a duty to create the product, brand, customer support, training and customer success team that helps our customers stay ahead of their competitors. I can’t possibly list all of the all-star team members on the CloudExtend team, but I’ve created a mock customer journey that identifies an example of who customers may speak to as they become CloudExtend experts.

Excellence is unachievable, if there is only one person working on it; it requires a competent and dedicated team of individuals who understand the definition of excellence collectively.

Team Line-Up

An intricate customer journey has many hidden team members in it. An example of the hidden team members could be the purchasing department, HR department, marketing department, or operations. Those teams may not directly interact with customers, but their role within the organization is nevertheless important in creating CX excellence.

I’d like to share some quotes from just some of the customer-facing people that you could meet on the CloudExtend Customer Journey. 


The first customer facing department that you will likely encounter on the CloudExtend Customer Journey is Sales. Head of the CloudExtend sales team is Justine Burdo.

“For the past 5 years, I have loved presenting our CloudExtend applications to customers because I know how much time, money and productivity is saved using our apps each day. I have built a wonderful team of experts who work hard to deliver extraordinary customer experiences every single day.” – Justine Burdo

The likely second touchpoint on the journey would be Kevin Ha, one of our solution consultants. You would likely be working with him or someone on his team to learn how our applications will solve various use cases encountered by companies like yours.

“CloudExtend is a home to me. I’ve been with this company over six years, and I’ve been so fortunate to evolve with the product and customers. I’m very passionate about finding the best use case scenarios for our customers. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come, and I’m looking forward to the next many years.” – Kevin Ha


After you’ve met with Kevin, next up, you and/or your team may want to have some product training. We have a full-service training team and Elise Gonzales, our training manager, holds weekly live training sessions, and has pre-recorded courses for the CloudExtend Track in Celigo University. There is an opportunity for your team to become CloudExtend-certified.

“I’ve been told that I’m a natural teacher, but I also enjoy technology, so becoming a trainer was a way to fuse two things that I’m passionate about. People tell me that I have a very easy-going countenance and this is what helps my learners feel comfortable.” – Elise Gonzales


After you’ve mapped out a training plan (or even if you’re moving ahead on your own), you would meet with the CloudExtend Customer Success Team. This team was created to help you as long as you’re our customer. They can help you with adoption touch points, training, support escalations, and product releases. They are your biggest advocates.

“I really love my job, because I love talking to customers and seeing them succeed in saving time using our apps. I also love delivering great news about new features and resources.” – Brittany Valdez, Customer Success Manager

Finally, last (but certainly not least) is the CloudExtend support team manager, Jomari Buhain. Just recently, we’ve expanded our support hours from 6 AM-9 PM ET for more coverage of all time zones. We’ve also increased our headcount to make sure that our customers have all of their needs resolved in the most timely manner.

“It’s very important to me that CloudExtend customers get the best support experience in the industry. Our Support Team has made it our mission to make sure our customers know and feel that resolving their issues or answering their questions in a timely manner is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we have so many customers that have stuck with us over the years.” –Jomari Buhain

Do More in Less Time with CloudExtend Productivity Apps

CloudExtend builds applications for end users of NetSuite and Salesforce that allow them to work exponentially faster. Our laser focus on Excel and email integrations combined with our strong background in ERP and CRM, enables us to deliver products that install in seconds and deliver immediate benefits.