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Why We Built Autopilot, and How It Benefits You

At CloudExtend, we have a laser focus on making our customer’s lives easier. Our user base now exceeds 10,000 users, so every update we make can have a tremendous impact on productivity across the NetSuite user community. The new feature that we are introducing in this blog post, Autopilot, automatically syncs email communication threads to NetSuite and it will have a positive impact on all our customers.

Life before Autopilot

CloudExtend already makes it easy for Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook users to share important emails with others in their organization., i.e., without CloudExtend, Gmail and Outlook users would not be able to attach preferred emails as well as the corresponding files to relevant NetSuite record(s) and those emails would have remained siloed in the user’s mailbox. By only adding important emails to NetSuite, users help their co-workers by reducing the volume of emails to only those they deem important. If it’s in NetSuite, it should be important. CloudExtend makes it easy (read more about our philosophy in our Connected CRM blog post).

However, if a user wanted to attach a whole email thread to a NetSuite record, she would have to manually attach each email in the thread one-by-one as they came in, which we have identified as a productivity black hole. In the example below, you can see that the Account Exec is working to close a deal and decides that the email thread is important enough to attach to a NetSuite Opportunity record. CloudExtend surfaces the record and she enables Autopilot with a single click. Now, every back/forth reply in that thread will automatically sync to the same NetSuite Opportunity without any additional effort. Nice!

ceol autopilot

How Autopilot benefits you and your organization

CloudExtend Autopilot benefits you and your organization in a variety of ways.

When a user attaches a single email to one or more NetSuite records using CloudExtend Autopilot, all subsequent back and forth replies to that same email will automatically attach to those NetSuite records without requiring human intervention. This enables users to relax and spend their important time that they would previously spend on attaching emails one-by-one on far more critical tasks.

“At CloudExtend, we give our customers plenty of opportunities to tell us what they like, don’t like, and want in our applications. Listening to our customers is exactly how we came to build our newest feature, CloudExtend Autopilot. Autopilot is the single most requested feature in our history. Initial work on Autopilot demonstrated that the effort and journey to building it right would be lengthy. Not building it was not an option for us, so we set out to build and deliver on the single most requested feature in our history. Users now work exponentially faster by attaching the first email and letting CloudExtend handle the rest, even while they are asleep.”

Chris Corcoran

General Manager, CloudExtend

Easy tracing with visual clues
With easy to understand visual clues, you can efficiently know at a glance whether an email thread is on Autopilot and the corresponding NetSuite record(s) it is attached to.

pasted image ceol autopilot

Don’t be busy with bcc

Unlike other apps, CloudExtend does not rely on a user blind carbon copying (bcc’ing) an email to NetSuite. Bcc is for contacts only, and often fails when a contact cannot be found or has duplicates. CloudExtend supports attaching to 16 record types (and will be supporting more in the future) so that users always know they have found the right record and admins don’t need to waste time managing mismatched emails from their bcc.

Autopilot works, even when you’re not

With CloudExtend, once your thread is on Autopilot it doesn’t matter when your reply is received or what device you reply from, e.g., phone, tablet, web browser—all emails will automatically sync back to the same NetSuite record ensuring that you and your co-workers have access to it in the right place and at the right time.

How does it work?

  • Once the admin enables Autopilot for their organization via two simple steps, Autopilot will be enabled for end users
  • Once a user receives an email, she selects the NetSuite record(s) that she wants to attach the email to
  • Upon selecting the record, the option to use Autopilot appears in the CloudExtend add-in
  • The user clicks the Autopilot option and attaches the email
  • CloudExtend adds the “CloudExtend Autopilot” category to the email so that the user can easily see which emails are on Autopilot
  • To cancel Autopilot, the user can open any email on the thread and turn off Autopilot


The bottom line

CloudExtend has been enabling users to get more work done in less time through NetSuite. With our latest feature Autopilot, CloudExtend has only gotten better.

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