Top-Rated Integration App for Managing Salesforce Data in Excel

Accessing and editing Salesforce data is easy with CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce. The platform empowers users to bypass the CSV import wizard or the data loader to update or load new records, such as leads, contacts, or opportunities into Salesforce from Excel with a single click.

Users can also create reports for Salesforce and manage them entirely in Excel. Take advantage of the power of Excel to build pivot tables, charts, and more with Salesforce data.

Whether you’re an Admin managing Price books or an Account Exec managing Opportunities, CloudExtend will allow you to work outside of the constraints of the Salesforce UI and enable you to get more done, faster. It installs from the Microsoft Office store in seconds and can pay for itself with just one use.

What CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce Does for You

Work Smarter

Leverage the power of Excel for your Salesforce reporting and data management, including performing mass updates.

Improve Sales Processes

See and manage all of your open opportunities and activities in Excel. Process changes in bulk such as adding notes, changing close dates, next steps, and more.

Faster Data Entry & Updates

Bypass the Salesforce UI for faster data entry and updates from Excel, whether it is one record or thousands. Not just for Pricebooks (supports all objects, including custom objects).

Work Faster

Insert, modify, upsert or delete Salesforce data with a single click and eliminate CSV importer and Dataloader.

Instant Information

Build reports in Excel or retrieve data using a wizard-driven interface (or your own SoQL), modify it, and even update Salesforce if desired. Access your reports directly from Excel.

Improve Data Integrity

Save time and isolate errors easily through color codes and resolve problem records quickly.

Make Users Happy

Increase Salesforce utilization, adoption, and efficiency within your organization.

Intuitive Validation

Join related records and view custom fields and picklists. Validate picklist data before syncing.

Take It For A Spin

Build your own queries and download the intuitive wizard interface. Execute reports and download data.

Thousands of Customers Rely on CloudExtend Every Day

“We’re using CloudExtend every day. I couldn’t do my job without it. CloudExtend is Excel-friendly and saves us hours upon hours. Switching to it was a no-brainer.”

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CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce Pricing


per month
  • Import Salesforce data into Excel using Salesforce reports
  • Works with Mac and Windows
  • Compatible with Excel 2016 and Higher
  • Access to all documentation


per user/year
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete Salesforce Records from Excel
  • Celigo import filter support or write your SOQL to import data
  • Cloud Storage for Templates
  • Email, Chat and Phone Support


5 user minimum
  • Admin Portal for License Management
  • Enterprise billing (no credit card required)
  • Licenses can be transferred amongst users

CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce Features by Pricing Plan

Free Personal Group

Leverage existing Salesforce capabilities to get important data into Excel for analysis

CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce works with Mac and Windows platforms
CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce works best with the most recent versions of Excel
CloudExtend allows users on the Free, Personal, and Group editions to access all documentation

Using the Personal or Group edition, CloudExtend provides the ability to access and edit Salesforce records right from Excel

The Personal and Group editions offer support for Celigo’s import filter or the flexibility to write the SOQL you need to get data imported
CloudExtend offers cloud storage for all of your templates in the Personal and Group editions
Additional support options beyond documentation are available in the Personal and Group editions
In the Group edition, a centralized portal for license management is available to admins
In the Group edition, centralized billing via invoice is offered
Licenses can be easily transferred between users in the Group edition

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