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CloudExtend Solutions Overview

CloudExtend solutions help users across departments such as IT, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Customer Success be more efficient in NetSuite and Salesforce. By joining CloudExtend with tools the business already owns, including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, the value and productivity of the applications are multiplied when users can do more, faster where they already work every day. Emails, files, and events can be attached to NetSuite directly from the user’s inbox. NetSuite data management and reporting can be done right from Excel, where dashboards and visualizations can be created.

  • CloudExtend Outlook and CloudExtend Google Workspace automates adding email communication and files to NetSuite, removing communication silos, and providing valuable business insights faster
  • CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite makes adding large amounts of data to NetSuite much faster and allows users to create dashboards by accessing one or more saved searches simultaneously in Excel
  • CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce empowers users to create reports for Salesforce, manage them entirely in Excel, and bypass the CSV import wizard or the data loader to update or load new records, such as leads, contacts, or opportunities into Salesforce from Excel



To Reduce Time Spent on Imports By Over 50%

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+ 520 hrs

Saves 520 Hours a Year By Attaching Emails to NetSuite

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CloudExtend helps businesses get the most out of apps they already have.

Whether your business works in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace with NetSuite, CloudExtend automates tasks related to email, events, and reporting, removing communication silos and providing valuable business insights faster. Any industry, such as Retail, Software, and Manufacturing, can benefit. Learn more about how CloudExtend customers have successfully done more, with less, saving time and resources.

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