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Success Story

Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville Australia Increases Efficiency on the Finance Team by Over 30%

Clothing Retail


Products Used:
CloudExtend Data Management and Excel Analytics for NetSuite

We’ve experienced many issues with uploading CSVs to NetSuite. It’s so easy once you add a CloudExtend Excel Data Management template. During our month-end, we reduced the time it took to update thousands of rows of data by 3 full days and increased our efficiency by 30%.
Carlo Di Sarra
Managing Director of Finance, Brandy Melville Australia


Brandy Melville is a European clothing and fashion accessories brand. The company was established in Italy by Silvio Marsan but gained most of its popularity in California. The brand name and logo were inspired by the fictional tale of two people – Brandy, an American girl, and Melville, an English man who met in Rome and fell in love. The company does not use traditional advertising techniques and instead depends heavily on social media marketing and partnerships. Ariana Grande, alongside other famous figures, wears Brandy Melville to aide in the promotion of the brand. Wellknown stores, such as PacSun and Nordstrom, sell Brandy Melville products, furthering the promotion of Brandy Melville.


Silvio Marson and his son Stephan founded Brandy Melville in Italy in the early 80s, and opened their first US store in Los Angeles in 2009, bordering the UCLA campus and Westwood Neighborhood. The business grew popular among young females, in part due to its Malibu teen aesthetic. The company’s products are sold across the world, including Europe, the United States, Asia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The Challenge

Before CloudExtend, Brandy Melville uploaded CSVs to complete journal entries, and update cash sales and vendor bills at month-end. They also spent a significant amount of time manually changing thousands of lines of data directly within NetSuite. As a result, month-end was dreaded by the accounting team, because If a CSV import didn’t work, it could take several imports before the team could identify what was causing the error(s).

The accounting team recognized that if they could say goodbye to CSV imports, then they would become much more efficient. Time spent on end-of-month reporting could be cut back, allowing them time to complete other critical tasks. First, the accounting team wanted to make sure that CloudExtend could provide solutions for their specific use case needs, then it would need to be determined if product adoption would require extensive training. In a meeting with CloudExtend, Brandy Melville learned that CloudExtend Excel Data Management and Analytics could both meet their needs. CloudExtend Excel Analytics would allow them to build dashboards from NetSuite searches and CloudExtend Excel Data Management would help the accounting team to update thousands of rows of data quickly and reduce human errors.

CloudExtend Excel Integration Apps are impressive. I’m thrilled to be able to build a real-time dashboard from NetSuite saved searches, and not have to worry about CSV imports any longer. That’s exactly what I was looking for when I watched my first CloudExtend demo.

Carlo Di Sarra
Managing Director of Finance, Brandy Melville Australia

The Solution

Brandy Melville initiated a trial for CloudExtend Excel Data Management and CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite users. Di Sarra appreciated being able to try CloudExtend Excel integration apps before buying. “We were able to experience CloudExtend on trial, and we had a support call where we discussed functionality, including building out journal entries, cash sales, dashboards, and vendor bill reports.” Implementation took minutes and required little training. After the trial, Brandy Melville Australia knew they’d found the right solution. The efficiency in completing tasks associated with month end close was increased by over 30%. Building out real-time dashboards from saved searches was significantly easier. Having access to additional information made Brandy Melville a more data driven organization. The few times that they reached out to the CloudExtend support team were positive experiences.

The Bottom Line

CloudExtend allows NetSuite users to leverage real-time data in Excel to streamline financial processes and make better decisions. CloudExtend significantly increases efficiency during month-end close and can also address a multitude of other specific needs and use cases. With a strong support and training team, CloudExtend apps are easy to use and implement in minutes, saving customers significant time and resources.

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