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Success Story

Business IT Source, Inc.

Business IT Source, Inc. Discovered a Superior Automation Product in CloudExtend Outlook for Netsuite, and Saved Employees Over 20 Hours Weekly from Manual Record Revision

Information Technology

Buffalo Grove, IL

Products Used:
CloudExtend Outlook for Netsuite

CloudExtend performs better than we could’ve ever expected. It was faster than the free Outlook integration tool that we were using and we’ve experienced fewer crashes than before.
Robert Frauenheim
Founding Principal, Business IT Source, Inc.


Business IT Source (BITS) provides corporations with IT Products and Services from all major product manufacturers. The Principal Founders of Business IT Source, Bob and Dan Frauenheim, have more than 25 years of experience in being a value-added reseller (VAR) and solutions provider. They began their careers with IBM and in 1991 founded Advantage Systems dba Entre Computer Center. It was those years of experience that made Bob and Dan realize that mid-sized IT solutions providers could react more quickly, tailor solutions for individual companies, provide better service, and lower companies’ cost of deployment. Since its inception, Business IT Source, Inc. has grown dramatically and has been recognized by manufacturers and companies as a Premier Corporate Reseller. From 2012-2018, Computer Reseller News (CRN), has recognized Business IT Source as one of the Fastest Growing Solutions Providers. They have also been recognized in the Solutions Provider 500, Tech Elite 250, and awarded CRN’s prestigious “Triple Crown” in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Business IT Source, Inc. is 100% employee-owned and all associates share in the success and are committed to providing the very best service.


As an employee-owned business that provides unique solutions, BITS is always looking for ways to improve processes and automation. Immediately, they recognized the value of tracking customer email interactions and attaching them to NetSuite records to ensure that important communications were available to others within the organization. As a company that provides unique solutions, records need to be updated rather quickly with current correspondence, so automating the process was always very important to them. BITS has identified efficiency, productivity, and accuracy as the main drivers of growth in organizations. Updating these records quickly would prepare customer-facing associates for predictive CX successes.

The Challenge

Thinking it was the easiest solution, BITS started out using a free Outlook integration. Over time the app became slow and unstable and eventually was no longer supported by their vendor. Even then, Business IT Source was reluctant to switch over to a new product because they weren’t sure about the learning curve for so many users. NetSuite recommended that they contact CloudExtend. The principal founders pondered training and new product implementation costs shortly before contacting CloudExtend. “How costly and time-consuming would this transition be?” they wondered. Manually performing this task would take up to 20 hours of a 40-hour workweek.

CloudExtend Outlook for Netsuite users requires minimal set-up time, and little to no training. It’s simple, and we were up and running in less than an hour. It cuts the time that we would be spending manually attaching files to and updating NetSuite records in half, and by automating the process gives employees an additional 20 hours a week to work on other projects.

Robert Frauenheim
Founding Principal, Business IT Source, Inc.

The Solution

At the recommendation of NetSuite, Business IT Source, Inc. contacted CloudExtend at Celigo to explore the option of deploying CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite. In less than an hour, the free trial version was installed and required little to no training. No productivity was lost in product implementation and in addition, the product performed better than the previous integration with Outlook. There were no crashes, it was faster, and the interface was more intuitive.

The Bottom Line

With CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite, BITS was able to circumvent many of the traditional pain points associated with new product adoption including training, engagement, customer onboarding, and product experience. After signing up for CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite’s free trial, they were up and running in less than an hour. CloudExtend specializes in saving companies a lot of time and resources by creating top-of-the-line email integration apps; these apps install in seconds and deliver immediate benefits. With one click, users can surface (view/edit) relevant NetSuite records. Important emails and file attachments can quickly be memorialized on the NetSuite record of choice—providing a comprehensive view for the entire company. CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite users supports Office 365 (desktop and web) on Mac and PC.

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