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On-demand Webinar

How to Make Your CRM

the Most Powerful Tool in Your Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can be one of the most critical pieces in your business’ tech stack. And the best way to leverage this tool to ultimate success is to be well-versed in what it can do, when and how to use it, and what add-ons can give you an extra boost over the competition. 

Our CRM experts are joined by CloudExtend partner Velosio to unpack the CRM experience from implementation to integration and everyday use. Whether you’re setting up for or in the middle of implementation, or a long-time CRM user looking for some pointers on continuous process improvement, this is one session you won’t want to miss. 

Listen in on this roundtable discussion where CRM experts and users alike will discuss:

  • What’s behind a solid implementation process
  • Why integration is the key to creating the single source of truth you need
  • How to stop workarounds that negatively impact downstream reporting
  • Eliminating manual work with easy data input templates and processes


Justine Burdo


David Guan