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Success Story

MAC Wholesale

CloudExtend’s Excel application for data management has allowed MAC Wholesale to work directly in Excel & navigate their business tasks seamlessly.

Closeout Distribution

North America

Products Used:
CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite

CloudExtend has been really helpful for our really SKU-intensive & long lists of data purchase orders, sales orders, etc. We can upload our customer’s orders right into our system from the sales materials using it.

Matt Miller
COO & President, MAC Wholesale


Based in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, MAC Wholesale was established in 2005 by Bruce Moyer. MAC Wholesale is a closeout distribution business that buys and sells consumer product closeouts, excess inventory, and discontinued items. The inventory is brought into their warehouse in Illinois to resell to discount retailers, such as TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Ross Stores, etc. Today the company has grown to a team of more than 30 people with a distribution facility in University Park, Illinois. MAC Wholesale proudly serves thousands of customers and vendors worldwide.


As MAC Wholesale grew, they knew NetSuite would be the ideal ERP for their business. They also simultaneously needed to implement a solution to help make managing their purchase and sales orders more efficient. MAC Wholesale’s purchase orders and sales orders were SKU-intensive and very lengthy. Because of the amount of data involved with orders of online items, it would be very time intensive to enter the information into NetSuite manually. When MAC Wholesale was evaluating options, they were referred to CloudExtend as the solution to make entering orders much faster and more accurate.

The Challenge

Bulk orders, order entry and editing, and managing purchase orders are just a few of the tasks that the MAC Wholesale team needed to address. They really wanted to be able to keep working directly in Excel but knew that in order to upload the data into NetSuite, they would need a tool that would make the process more efficient and effective. With the growth of the company, they were also finding that their long lists of inventory were moving even more quickly than anticipated in discount stores. Some products were selling out in minutes and they had to find a way to keep up. MAC Wholesale wanted to secure a solution that would ensure that their data and orders were imported seamlessly into NetSuite much faster than what they had been experiencing.

With CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite, we’ve taken a process that could take up to 30 minutes and made it pretty much instant. With just one person’s position, we have saved them a minimum of 10 hours a week.

Matt Miller
COO & President, MAC Wholesale

The Solution

MAC Wholesale implemented CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite to optimize uploading data from Excel into NetSuite. Now, in addition to purchase order and sales order management, they have taken their sales materials and created an Excel-based template with CloudExtend. This allows their customers to send them orders directly and they can upload them right into their own system from the original sales materials. Using this process has enabled MAC Wholesale to get customer orders into their system much faster.

The Bottom Line

CloudExtend’s Excel application for data management has allowed MAC Wholesale to work directly in Excel and navigate their business tasks seamlessly. The company’s Sales and IT teams can now utilize the tool to access all of their inventory, sales orders, etc. right from the place they are most comfortable, Excel. Now, the process of creating and sharing data has been cut down from 30 minutes to almost an instant. The process of setting up the app in Excel and syncing it to NetSuite was user-friendly and easy to adopt for the MAC Wholesale team.

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