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CloudExtend Ebook

The Connected Spreadsheet: Integrating Excel and NetSuite

Companies might have expansive IT systems but most important decisions are the result of exporting data from those systems into Excel for analysis. Why? Spreadsheets are the only real tools flexible enough to deliver results fast. Users can take matters into their own hands and perform their tasks quickly and efficiently without having to wait weeks for their IT team to deliver an answer. It would be hard to find a finance department in any company around the world that does not use Excel for critical decision making and analysis.

Recent events around the world have forced companies to make decisions quickly, often with little data. Read this ebook to learn more about how connected spreadsheets can offer a solution to this organizational challenge.

Topics include:

  • What spreadsheet connectivity means in today’s world
  • How to bypass CSV and leverage Excel for data entry
  • The ways Power BI integrates with spreadsheets to make processes much faster
  • How CloudExtend helps create connected spreadsheets

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