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Success Story

Capitol Scientific, Inc.

Capitol Scientific’s biggest takeaway from implementing CloudExtend for Google Workspace has been the ability for the team to “set it and forget it.

Scientific & Laboratory Products

Austin, TX

Products Used:
CloudExtend Google Workspace

I save 30 minutes to an hour daily by being able to automatically synchronize email to contact records with CloudExtend’s Autopilot. I can set it and forget it, and not have to do something twice.

Jennifer Hewgley
Marketing & Web Manager, Capitol Scientific


Originally founded in 1963 in Austin, Texas, under the name Chem Products, Inc., Capitol Scientific has remained the premier supplier of scientific and laboratory products to thousands of companies throughout the United States for more than 60 years. They are committed to providing not only a broad selection of quality products but also exceptional customer service. The supplier represents 350 manufacturers and 1M+ laboratory supplies and specialty chemicals for industrial, pharma, biotech, semiconductor, aerospace, manufacturing, academic, life sciences, environmental, tech, and government labs.


When working across so many customer and product lines, synchronization and transparency across the company are a must. Originally the NetSuite admin when the company migrated from Sage MAS to NetSuite, Jennifer Hewgley recalled the struggle of working with two disparate systems. She noted that a lack of transparency within the CRM system created pain points for efficiency, especially any time there was employee turnover, since there was not enough information included in the system to assist customers. Instead, new employees would be given access to a former employee’s inbox to search for information, creating a bottleneck in productivity, efficiency, and the ability to service customers and meet their needs.

The Challenge

In their search to create deeper transparency across systems, Capitol Scientific found an external tool that would sync Google Calendar events with NetSuite. Unfortunately, the tool didn’t perform quite as expected, and it lacked significant user adoption at the organization. Hewgley accurately stated that no matter how good a tool is, it’s not going to help if no one is using it. Thus, the team was back to square one to find a solution that would sync email and calendar events from their Google Workspace account to NetSuite. Not only did the tool they chose need to work, it needed to have strong user adoption for complete success.

Visibility is the best insight we’ve gotten from CloudExtend. We have a holistic view for management to be able to see what’s going on in the system and data. Information is king, and having that in the system automatically is huge.

Jennifer Hewgley
Marketing & Web Manager, Capitol Scientific

The Solution

Several years after implementing NetSuite, the team at Capitol Scientific found CloudExtend. The ability to not only sync calendar events but also email—and to set it to run automatically—was exactly what they’d been looking for. This time, the owner of the company initiated setting up the CloudExtend for Google Workspace synchronization, which meant there was stronger enforcement for the whole company to get on board with using it.

Right away, Hewgley noticed that CloudExtend sync created the convenience of being able to access a meeting link directly in the NetSuite platform without having to click out to her email or calendar application to find the join link. CloudExtend’s ability to automatically sync email based on threads or contacts via Autopilot also became a game-changer for the entire team. No longer was it necessary to put information in multiple places or manually attach emails.

The Bottom Line

The biggest takeaway from implementing CloudExtend for Google Workspace has been the ability for the team to “set it and forget it.” Hewgley appreciates that once a sync is set with Autopilot, there’s no need to worry about future communication tracking. Autopilot synchronization saves users 30 minutes to an hour every day. Visibility has improved, allowing management to easily see what’s going on in the system. CloudExtend has also increased convenience. Synced information means the team doesn’t have to spend time chasing down the right answers. As for her own processes now as Marketing and Web Manager, Hewgley shared that the ability to operate out of email and not toggle between email and NetSuite has improved her focus and productivity.

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