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Customer Success

The Solution for Customer Success teams to increase data accuracy in NetSuite

Customer success teams have common pain points, and one major one is navigating environments where important information about customers is incomplete or not stored in one central place. When this happens, providing updates regarding customers to other internal teams or management is very challenging. If a customer success representative is attempting to communicate with a customer but does not have a clear picture of events and conversations, it also results in a less positive experience for the customer. Continuously moving back and forth between the inbox and NetSuite is another common challenge for customer success teams. CloudExtend helps by allowing users to create, edit, or update NetSuite records from their inbox. This gives customer success teams time back in their day in making the updates and also reviewing updates from other teams, improving data accuracy and making NetSuite the single source of truth.

What CloudExtend Does for You

  • Allows you to spend time communicating with customers rather than manually copying and pasting emails, events, and files into NetSuite
  • Provides more inter-organization collaboration by allowing every team to add their own important emails, attachments, and events to NetSuite right from their inbox
  • Add entire communication threads to NetSuite  automatically without any extra effort with Autopilot
  • Helps with data accuracy by validating whether the NetSuite records you are adding are already in the database
  • Extends the value of tools your organization uses every day
  • Meet IT security requirements
    • CloudExtend’s SOC 2 reports, GDPR, CPRA, penetration testing, and Built for NetSuite (BFN) status ensure your sensitive data is secure 
    • All user’s NetSuite roles and permissions are respected
    • Two-factor authentication and Single Sign On (SSO) are fully supported

CloudExtend increases inter-departmental visibility in NetSuite and also provides automated Excel-based customer reporting, such as churn, retention rates, and customer success KPIs. CloudExtend helps customer success teams who are responsible for ensuring important communication gets into NetSuite to eliminate manual processes and focus on assisting customers.

50% reduction

Reduce IT support cases by 50%

+ 30%

30% Increase in Efficiency

Thousands of World Class Organizations Rely on CloudExtend


CloudExtend Email Apps

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Starting at $15 per month


  • Attach emails and calendar events to NetSuite records
  • Upload email file attachments to NetSuite
  • View, create, and edit NetSuite Records from your inbox
  • Associate files stored on Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint with NetSuite records to reduce storage costs and improve document sharing
  • Eliminate manual clicks by using Autopilot to associate email threads to NetSuite records automatically
  • Available on Mobile

CloudExtend Excel Apps

Try CloudExtend Excel


  • Create, Read, Update, Delete NetSuite Records from Excel
  • Burst Mode Upload for uploading large quantities of data
  • Cloud Storage for Templates
  • Support for NetSuite Saved Searches and Celigo Import Filter
  • Compatible with Excel 2016 and Higher

CloudExtend Email & Excel Apps

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Starting at $115 per month


  • All features from CloudExtend Email Apps
  • All features from CloudExtend Excel Apps
  • Supports Token Based Authentication (TBA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Email, Chat & Phone Support Options
  • Enterprise billing (no credit card required)
  • Works with Mac or Windows
  • Works with Sandbox Accounts and OneWorld Subsidiaries
  • Licenses can be transferred amongst users
  • Admin portal for license management


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