The CloudExtend Resource Center contains helpful resources and best practices to help you integrate NetSuite with your Inbox, CRM and Productivity Tools.

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New! The Connected Spreadsheet Webinar

case studies
Imperfect Foods has found an efficient way to conduct their purchasing process in Excel while significantly reducing their risk of errors.
case studies
Learn how Mentoring Minds increased productivity, removed silos, and gained insights into their business for better decision making.
This ebook examines three common challenges when integrating emails, files and calendar invites with your ERP and best practices for solving them.
You've seen headlines such as "say goodbye to spreadsheets" but are they really going anywhere? Learn about the future of spreadsheet connectivity.
Feeney Doubles their Quote Producing Capability
Learn how Jennifer Trejo, Project Manager at Feeney, uses CloudExtend Excel to produce quotes in minutes instead of weeks.
CloudExtend Excel Helps Genesys Increase Data Accuracy
Genesys leverages CloudExtend Excel for completing mass uploads to NetSuite. Data accuracy has improved and templates can be shared across teams.
Jonathan Adler Saves Significant Time with CloudExtend Excel
Jonathan Adler found immediate value in CloudExtend when implementing NetSuite. Now it takes only 10 minutes to finish tasks that used to require 1-..
CloudExtend Helps FMW Fasteners During NetSuite Data Migration
CloudExtend was originally secured for data migration, but purchasing patterns were revealed, allowing drop-ship volume to go up 20% while substanti..
Hillerich & Bradsby Reduces Manual Effort with CloudExtend Excel
CloudExtend allows Hillerich & Bradsby to complete NetSuite tasks in minutes. It has also helped empower end-users to complete necessary duties with..
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