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On-Demand Webinar

New Automation in the New Year

As 2023 approaches, if you are looking for more automation and efficiency in your business, CloudExtend can help. Ensuring that important emails, files, and events from across the business make it into the CRM can be much faster and easier. Reporting data can be more accurate, all while reducing IT requests.

Join the CloudExtend team as they discuss these common business challenges and share examples of customer success:

  • Zen Energy Systems: Productivity, efficiency, and organization improved by 20% after implementing the integration app
  • Floorex: Freed up IT resources and CloudExtend Outlook saved users over 20 hours weekly
  • Down Under Enterprises: Stopped copying and pasting emails into NetSuite and now has a 360-degree view of customer communications


Chris Corcoran

General Manager, CloudExtend

Justine Burdo

Head of Sales & Customer Success, CloudExtend