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Success Story

Noon International

Because of Noon International’s manual processes, CloudExtend became the obvious next step to their integrations. 

Global Trading

Seattle, WA

Products Used:
CloudExtend Google Workspace

CloudExtend was one of our very first additions to NetSuite. If I need information, it’s right there. It’s glorious.

Michael Yasutake
CIO, Noon International


Global trading organization Noon International specializes in trading frozen, canned, freeze-dried, and shelf-stable fruits and vegetables. Noon International has actively traded in food products worldwide for more than forty years, both buying and selling to facilitate trading in the healthy, safe food business. As one of America’s oldest food import/export organizations, Noon International maintains a worldwide network of trustworthy and quality partners that adhere to all areas of food safety as well as the most up-to date FSMA guidelines to provide safe and healthy food to people worldwide.


As the Chief Information Officer at Noon International, Michael Yasutake oversees how the organization runs its business processes, analyzing workflows and processes along with how information is stored. “I try to make our employees’ lives easier,” he said. “The changes I make aren’t to give them another thing to learn, but it’s because we need to keep track of information, or there’s a feature that will make their life easier.” For many years, the organization functioned with a highly manual process. “We lived in filing cabinets,” Michael admitted. “We printed everything on paper, and then we would go to the filing cabinet and look at it. And let’s be real: That was terrible.” So in 2017, Michael began looking for ways to further streamline the business.

The Challenge

One of the biggest changes he implemented involved switching ERPs and moving to NetSuite. With the new NetSuite ERP and CRM in place, it was time for other optimizations, including digitizing the filing cabinets. The first option was, of course, to continue a largely manual process by having employees log every bit of information into NetSuite CRM piece by piece via copying and pasting. But Michael was looking for a solution that would improve processes and efficiency, as well as information transparency, and knew this approach wasn’t the answer. “We were really trying to change how we did our infrastructure,” Michael recalled. “Everything needed to be digitized.”

I could quantify print time and walking to the filing cabinet to look for information to roughly five minutes per order. We have a ton of orders and contracts that we do. Total that up and CloudExtend has saved us close to 500 hours over seven years.

Michael Yasutake
CIO, Noon International

The Solution

Shortly after implementing NetSuite, Michael attended the SuiteWorld conference to learn more about his new ERP/CRM and solutions that could augment the NetSuite experience. That’s where he met the CloudExtend team and saw CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite integration capabilities for the first time. He learned that with a single click, CloudExtend could automatically attach emails to NetSuite records from within the Gmail inbox. Not only that, the system could be set up to automatically attach emails by thread or even email address with no additional interaction required by his team.

Adding CloudExtend to Noon International’s NetSuite became the next obvious step. “CloudExtend came into play nicely because information could be attached directly to the actual order,” Michael stated. “No more digging for a file, wondering if someone had it at their desk or if it was misplaced. We need to be able to know where an order is, or where it is in the pipeline. With CloudExtend,it’s right there.” Michael and his team appreciate how easy it is to use CloudExtend, as well. After running through the email attachment process once or twice, Michael’s team was ready to go. They adopted the integration and immediate feedback was, “This is great. Now I don’t have to think as much.”

The Bottom Line

CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite has proven invaluable to Noon International’s processes. “Especially when it comes to claims, CloudExtend is a godsend, because we can track the threads of what both sides say—the customer and the supplier—and we can help resolve it.” Previously, asking the team to log emails each time there was a notable customer interaction yielded little result. Now, Michael estimates that CloudExtend’s automatic email sync capabilities have saved his team close to 100 hours a year for the past seven years. “I could almost quantify print time and walking to the filing cabinet and looking for things,” Michael remarked. “After all these years, CloudExtend has saved us close to 700 hours in total.”

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