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Bringing Efficiency and Productivity to Your Business


CloudExtend, (a Celigo brand) builds applications for NetSuite and Salesforce end-users allowing them to bring efficiency and productivity into their business, resulting in the ability to work exponentially faster. Our focus on Microsoft Excel and email integrations and our strong background in ERP and CRM enables us to deliver products that install in seconds and deliver immediate benefits.

Our team continuously works on innovative ways of helping our customers to increase their efficiency and productivity by absorbing the complex, repetitive, tedious tasks that keep our customers awake if not handled properly. We take pride when we hear great customer success stories.

While keeping our promise of delivering continuously, our latest features to look out for are:

Autopilot is all about helping you to attach your emails in a smart manner. OneDrive and SharePoint search functionality will provide greater convenience to your cloud-based file cabinet. Collectively, these two features will make businesses even more efficient and convenient.

OneDrive and SharePoint Search Feature

CloudExtend OneDrive and SharePoint for Business files tab in NetSuite is new in 2020 for our customers. This gives NetSuite users true cloud-based storage that enables storing files and folders in your organization’s Microsoft OneDrive for Business or SharePoint for Business accounts while still seeing them in NetSuite.

There are several advantages of using this feature:

  • Supports more file types than native NetSuite
  • No NetSuite storage space is consumed
  • Users can leverage the vast sharing permissions of OneDrive for Business and SharePoint
  • CloudExtend OneDrive and SharePoint for Business access with every CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Enterprise Edition license
  • Document portability should your business needs change

Our latest feature enables OneDrive and SharePoint files and folders to be searchable directly within NetSuite’s CloudExtend Files tab that enables:

  • Search for characters in document names, context, and in images (image processing)
  • Search in folders

This search facility is available for a large variety of document formats, e.g., PDF, text, MS Word, MS Excel, JPEG, PNG, and AutoCAD. To learn more, check out the video below.


CloudExtend already enables Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook users to share important emails with others in their organization. The ability to attach important emails as well as the corresponding files to the relevant NetSuite record(s) facilitates users to help their co-workers by reducing the email volume to only those they deem important.

However, if a user wants to attach a whole email thread to a NetSuite record, each email would need manual attaching in the thread one-by-one. With our latest feature Autopilot, when a user attaches a single email to one or more NetSuite records, all subsequent conversations to that same email will automatically attach to those NetSuite records without requiring human intervention. This enables users to relax and spend the important time that they had previously spent on attaching emails one-by-one on far more critical tasks.

To learn more about Autopilot, read the blog post, and check out the video below.

The bottom line

CloudExtend enables users to get more work done in less time through NetSuite. With our latest two features, CloudExtend UX has only gotten better.

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