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Paladin Sports Increased Efficiency by Over 30% with CloudExtend Outlook

Paladin Sports

Sporting Goods


Products used:
CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite

Using CloudExtend Outlook increased our efficiency by 30% and improved our customer experiences by giving us a 360-degree view of company-wide communications. I would recommend CloudExtend products to any NetSuite user.

VP of Sales, Paladin Sports


Paladin Sports provides the highest quality custom team wear and sporting goods to everyone from elite professional sporting clubs to grassroots community clubs. Paladin loves sports and teams, and its customer base revolves around sports enthusiasts who “play it, live and breathe it.” Supplying industry-leading team wear is their mission. They supply some of the most well-known names in the industry, including Trident Homes Tactix, MG Northern Mystics, Auckland Rugby, Wellington Rugby, and many more.


Paladin Sports was founded in 2010 by four dads with hands-on involvement in club sports. The dads focused on how they could highlight their diverse range of business backgrounds to provide improvements in pricing, quality, service, and speed for sporting apparel, team wear, and equipment for sporting clubs and schools. With these objectives in mind, they expanded quickly to become a multi-national sports brand with offices in New Zealand and North America. They are always looking to improve processes and procedures and make their customer experience the best in the industry.

The Challenge

Streamlining and scaling can be tricky when you have a brand that explodes on the scene as quickly as Paladin Sports. From the beginning, the Paladin team focused on how to streamline processes with technology. The fast-moving company knew that “knowledge is power” and and they dedicated themselves to finding a solution that helped their customer-facing team stay in front of customers instead of doing manual data entry tasks. They couldn’t justify asking their staff to spend time copying and pasting emails in NetSuite. They were also concerned that if they did, the essential communication would not make it into the system and the customer experience would suffer if users across different departments were not able to see the most up-to-date information on their customers.

Paladin Sports also didn’t want to implement any product that required excessive training or would interrupt their day-to-day operations. It was important for them to select a solution that deployed and demonstrated ROI quickly.

We couldn’t be happier with the product, service, and experience. experience. CloudExtend Outlook keeps our customer-facing staff talking to customers instead of copying and pasting emails. Since you can create, edit and update records directly in Outlook with just one click, we’ve saved so much time!

VP of Sales, Paladin Sports

The Solution

Paladin Sports did some research and after a quick demo, decided to move forward with the CloudExtend Outlook integration app for NetSuite. Some factors considered in making the decision included: intuitive features, customer service, ability to scale with the company, and no disruption in productivity to implement the product. In minutes, CloudExtend Outlook was up and running, providing immediate ROI. They were also interested in the advanced features like Autopilot; which allows users to attach an email thread to NetSuite once and then the entire conversation is visible in NetSuite without any user action required. It even works while you sleep!

The Bottom Line

Implementation of CloudExtend Outlook took minutes and didn’t interrupt productivity. Customer-facing employees immediately became better equipped to create better customer experiences by having their customers’ email communication journey right at their fingertips. The less time that the Paladin Sports team has to spend on manual data entry tasks, the more time they have to grow their company and customer base. Also, they would prefer to be playing and participating in sports. “We’re not a group who enjoys manual data entry tasks, we’d rather be participating in sports.” They never need to manually copy and paste an email into NetSuite again.

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